OCT 2010

OCT 2010
Homecoming Weekend

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 1 — Your Best Friend (30 Days 30 Letters)

 To my best friends,

 My  dear Sister Try I  cherish you so much <3. I love you with all my heart. Writing this almost brings me to tears to my eyes  (okay im really tearing up now) Even though we get into silly arguments I know you want the best for me and I also want the best for you. If I could give you the world I would. If I could dedicate anything in this world it would be every kind of flower. I  wish you happiness joy and love  in life. You work  so hard in everything you do and you inspire me to be a better person. Thanks for always having my back when I'm  right and wrong . I've seen your transition into (pause im really tearing up )  yea I've witness your transition into a beautiful  Mariposa (Butterfly in spanish :) )  I would do anything for you and in the next lifetime I hope we are sisters once more.

To my Beautiful Sister Micka its been 8 months since we last spoke I cant help but to think about your corny jokes. I miss you sooooo much. (tears now streaming down my face) If I could turn back the hands of time and tell you what lies ahead I would. We all miss you... theres not a day that goes by that I dont think of you and all your fat jokes when I was skinny u never told me a skinny joke (lol) May God watch over you and keep you in his hands. If I could want anyone for a Guardian Angel it would be you. I've learned so  much since u've been gone and if I never see you again I hope you come and get me when its my last day on earth. If I could wish you anything in the world it would be peace and happiness. I  remember the times we laughed cried and fought each other. I would trade my life for you and in the next lifetime I hope we are sisters once more.  you promised to be at my graduation and i hope to see you there  I LOVE YOU AND I WISH THINGS CAN GO BACK TO HOW THEY USED TO BE  <3

To my brother Amos I love you. I want the best  for you I want to see you prosper in life. You have  a great heart and potential that will get you far in life. I remember days I used to beat you up and you would go and tell  mommy till this day I  can still beat your ass lol thanks for being a brother to me an if you ever need anything I got you Im only a couple of digits away. Hopefully with my first job I make that good money so I can pay for your education:)

To my wonderful mommy MARIE (yes every Hatian female name) who gives me great advice and I  fail to listen to some just know that I hear you. I thank you for raising me I thank you for your struggle. You are a  wonderful and strong woman even though we  have many disagreements I know you only want the best for me because you know the way of this world. I always feel protected and free when I am around you. and yes mom you can throw it down in the kitchen(banan peze, grio, picklize and the whole nine) Im glad everyday you remind me to do my best in school and to pray to God for guidance. I remember the days I call to hear your voice and to wish you a good day. I love you with all my heart and if I can wish you anything in this world (i would let you decide ) I think you deserve the WORLD DIAMONDS AND ALL (the finest of the finer things in life top of the line things in Life)

To Elisha & Michael you little ones  bring me so  joy your momma loves you  both ....sooo much words cant describe how much funny things you both do  do that makes us all  laugh and brings smiles to our faces. Just know anything you want auntie has your back.If i could wish anything for you it would be good health wealth and a great learning experience on earth.

To you all writing this I had to stop a couple of times  grab some tissues blow my nose and wipe my eyes you all mean so much to me and if I happen to meet my maker tomorrow i'll make sure things go right ... i'll always keep and eye out for you and protect you from danger <3 always your sister, daugter and aunt Sasha

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